Tuesday, May 16, 2006


From the Promise Keepers May 2006 - Volume 40 newsletter:

Have you ever noticed how often Jesus used “helpers” to perform His miracles?  It’s one of those things we don’t often think about because we’re focused on the miracle itself!  When water turns into wine, a large crowd gets fed from five loaves and two fishes, or a lame man begins to walk again, your attention is obviously taken away from those who may have prepared the way before the miracle.  That’s the way it’s always been, and it’s the way it always should be!

Yet, if you think about it, many of those miracles would have never taken place if someone would not have stepped into the gap and prepared the way.  Jesus was the “miracle worker,” but He often used ordinary folks to accomplish that miracle.  He asked the servants at the wedding in Cana to fill the basins with water before changing it into wine.  The disciples brought the meager lunch for Jesus to bless, and then personally distributed the bounty to the awe struck crowd.  Four strong friends needed to carry the lame man to Jesus and then break through the roof before Jesus healed the man from his crippled state.

Over and over again you see “volunteers” stepping into the role of preparing the way for God to perform miracles.  The things they do often may go unnoticed, but their role seems to be essential.  Certainly God doesn’t require our assistance to do the miraculous, but He does often ask us to be involved in the process.

Each year, thousands of men, women and teenagers fill that role at Promise Keepers conferences around the country.  They do simple, ordinary tasks that may go unnoticed, but which help prepare the way for miracles in men’s lives!  At PK we often say “every seat filled is an opportunity for a miracle.”  By giving people an opportunity to do that which God created them to do, which is to “serve others,” the volunteer effort at a local Promise Keepers conference lets everyday folks share in this life-changing ministry of miracles.

Don’t miss the privilege of being a part of this incredible experience at a PK Conference near you this year!  Sign up today as a volunteer and see how God will use you to help perform a “miracle” in someone’s life!!

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