Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Meet the Head Coach of the "Man Church"

From the Promise Keepers May 2006 - Volume 40 newsletter:

Back in the October 2005 issue of this newsletter, we introduced you to Mark Doebler, Head Coach (pastor) of The Grove Church in Peoria, IL -- a church believed to be the first in the country specifically targeting men.  Mark was recently in Denver for the National Coalition of Men's Ministries conference and took time to visit our offices.

In this interview with Promise Keepers' Steve Chavis, Mark talked about the tremendous growth the church is experiencing...and why women are all for it.


Steve: Describe a typical service. Sunday you meet around what time?

Mark: We meet at 10:00am. And it’s kind of funny that you would ask "typical," because we have a saying that comes out almost every Sunday. We say, “We’re going to do something a little different today.” We are predictably unpredictable, and that’s exciting. Because I don’t ever want to get in a rut.

But we meet around tables and, you know, I came from the business world until just a few years ago. And if you ever go to a training seminar or conference, you’re training, right? You’re learning. You’re gathering information. You’re becoming more skilled at what you do, and how do you enter that environment? You sit around tables, right?

You’ve got a cup of coffee in front of you. You’ve got a scratch pad of notes in front of you. And that’s the way men go and learn.

Well, why can’t we do that at church? I mean what is it about church that means we’ve got to sit in rigid chairs and be stiff as a board and totally uncomfortable. I learn much better in a comfortable atmosphere.

And so I think most men feel much more welcome and invited in that environment. And so we began by sitting around tables.

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