Thursday, April 13, 2006

Is the Church Feminizing Men?

By Lee Webb
CBN News Anchor – (CBN News) - A year ago, Greg Martin says he could not have led a devotional with his teenage daughters. The reason: he was playing in a Sunday baseball league that took priority over going to church.

As a result, Martin was feeling disconnected to a place where, in the past, he had felt at home. And he found himself unable to be the father he wanted to be.

“You start to see compromises take place when you're not sitting under good teaching, good preaching, and perennial fellowship with believers…,” Martin said. “If I'm not setting a good, godly example to my children by being in church, and I'm out playing baseball, that was a pretty poor example for my children to see.”

For Martin, the desire to play baseball became more important than the desire to be in church. While he did not intend to leave the church, Martin just found less and less time for worship, a problem not uncommon for many men.

And a recent study shows many Christian men feel the same way.

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