Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Deer heads in the sanctuary

Frank Stirk writes:

My first pastor did something during a worship service one Sunday I’ll never forget. Placing a chair on the stage, he said to us, “Imagine that Jesus is sitting here watching us worship Him. How would you react knowing He was here, physically present?” I confess that during the rest of the service, I kept glancing furtively at that (empty) chair.

I relived that memory after reading David Murrow’s Why Men Hate Going to Church, and thought about the very serious issue of what churches can do to encourage more men to become active participants in worship and ministry. In his book, Murrow takes a no-stone-unturned approach—including a challenge to men to reclaim the décor of the sanctuary from the women who’ve had free rein to put things up that appeal to them.

Murrow believes this is all part of cultivating “a healthy masculine spirit” in the Church. “A man must sense, from the moment he walks in, that church is not just for Grandma, it’s something for him,” he writes. “It can’t feel like a ladies’ club. The quilted banners, fresh flowers and boxes of Kleenex in our sanctuaries make a statement.”

In an interview, Murrow told me that men ought to feel just as free to make their own statement as the women have done. “I mean, why can’t the sanctuary look like a hunting lodge? Why can’t we mount deer heads around the sanctuary? Why are quilted banners holier than God’s created animals?” he wondered. “We don’t ask those questions.”

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At 7:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that about the deerheads! Throw in some sports and the sanctuary would be ready. That's why PK is so effective, it appeals to men and is not influenced by the women. I noticed your group at PK this year in Nashville. Keep up the awesome work of the kingdom you guys are doing. You are right on my brother! In Christ, Donny


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