Sunday, March 12, 2006

Big Dawgs Howl for PK

(from Promise Keepers)

More than 50 men showed up at Christ Church in Nashville, TN last weekend to help PK7 producers lay down choral vocal tracks for the 2006 CD project, called “Unleashed.”

PK Program Department’s Chantell Hinkle reports, “You could tell these guys were pumped up to be a part of the project. There was a serious ‘gung ho’ vibe in the church.”

Brothers came in from all over, including the Cincinnati Promise Singers (who have been singing together since the PK choir days of the 90s), and a couple of men from The Father’s House in Atlanta (pastored by Bishop Wellington Boone). Real men from the host church and congregations around the Nashville area sang real loud from 10 a.m. until 5:15 that afternoon. Those in the know know that singing all day is real work.

The producer said he was amazed at their stamina. They stayed ‘til the job was done. Way to go, promise keepers!

“We’ve got to have that manly sound,” said Harold Velasquez, executive producer on the project. “When you listen to PK7 music, you want to feel what a room full of men sounds like.” The choral vocal tracks were recorded for seven of the 11 songs on the 2006 project.


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