Monday, March 06, 2006

Big Dawg Tees now available!

Need a new wardrobe makeover?

Get 'em while they last!

Announcing the limited edition BigDawgs4Christ "Unleased" Tees, FREE with your paid registration by May 1...

You too can be clothed in righteousness, BigDawg style with these luxurious red cotton Tees! Only 100 Tees available! When the BigDawgs show up in mass at the Phillips Arena, you gotta know that those good ole boys will be Georgia Bull Dog red-with-envy seeing you on the prowl with these Tees on!

Posing with pride are our March Issue Cover BigDawgs::

John Parks (front champion view)

Jeff Walker (rear knockout view)

and Jeff (in a relaxed "wear at any Cracker Barrel" look)

Even the Hulkster is getting a new BigDawg Tee!

This trip will SELL OUT, so register ONLINE via Clearview Baptist Church's Men's Ministry website today!


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