Sunday, February 19, 2006

Passion06 recap

The Passion 06 Gallery is up, containing snapshots of the incredible gathering of college students here in Nashville.

If you're still searching for an answer to the "How was Passion" question, I like what one blogger wrote: "when asked by a friend, "how was it" all I could do is hug them with everything I had and tell them, that's just the first 30 seconds of the conference. imagine 4 days of that, but with God's intensity."

Oh, and I also forgot to tell you that your brain would hurt for a few days.
And that songs would thunder in your head.
And that you would find yourself drifting back into that massive crowd.
And that you would feel like you had known your Family Group forever.
And that you would wake up wanting to head to your Community Group.

- Louie Giglio 268 Generation blog entry

A small sample of what attendees are saying:

Worshiping God with over 18,000 fellow Christians, who affirm the essential doctrines of truth, was an unforgettable experience, giving one a small taste of what heaven will be like. Passion 06 faithfully fulfilled its mission of trying to set this generation on fire for Christ. Read more reflections from students


I just got home from Passion06; although my body is tired, my soul is awakened. I had one prayer going into Passion06, that God would meet with us. And can I just say the Lord is faithful to hear our prayers?


I still find it hard to believe that Passion is over, and I am back in my apartment awaiting the start of school and classes and homework. I can already sense that this year is going to be a big one in my life, and I am so excited to see what he does with it. I think Passion was just the catalyst for what is going to happen this year, and place in me a renewed heart and willingness to fully yield to God's will and his plan.


Sid from Greer, South Carolina documents everything here at his blog starting from Day One wondering fellow blog

Jason Reid has tons of photos plus you can do a search for Passion on Flickr and see some of the photos I took as a volunteer. Great stuff and all done with excellence by the Passion Team!


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