Monday, November 14, 2005

Well done, good and faithful servant...

Dave Thomas, founder of the Wendy’s Restaurant chain, illustrates the learning value of humility in his book WELL DONE: THE COMMON GUY’S GUIDE TO EVERYDAY SUCCESS.

He writes, "I got my MBA long before my G.E.D." He continues, "I even have a photograph of me in my MBA graduation outfit -- a snazzy knee-length work apron. I guarantee you that I'm the only founder among America's big companies whose picture in the corporate annual report shows him wielding a mop and a plastic bucket. That wasn't a gag" he continues. "It was a case of leading by example. At Wendy's, MBA does not mean Master of Business Administration. It means Mop Bucket Attitude. It's how we define satisfying the customer through cleanliness, quality food, friendly service, and atmosphere."

Dave Thomas got his G.E.D back in the 1990's, having dropped out of school when he was 15 years old. But he got his M.B.A. when he was 11 years and was baptized and began his journey of following Jesus. He truly took on the role of a servant, even though he was a multi-million dollar executive of a fast-growing restaurant chain. He said that Christianity was more than just a doctrine you talked about on Sunday morning. In fact, his advice was: "Live your faith. Don't wear it on your sleeve; roll up both sleeves and do something about it."

Do you have an MBA? Is your attitude like that of Jesus? Are you rolling up your sleeves and doing something about your faith?

"For everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled, and he who humbles himself shall be exalted."

Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's Hamburgers, WELL DONE: A COMMON GUY'S GUIDE TO EVERYDAY SUCCESS, (Harper Collins, 1994), p. 159.


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