Monday, November 14, 2005

I was too young to remember...

I was too young to remember... my fathers first Promise Keepers, but I vividly remember the day he came home. Everything changed that day.

I could tell before he said anything. I could tell by the way he hugged my mother, and the way he walked into the room, and later, the way he said things are going to be different now.

I probably remember because things were different after that day. They remain different and better to this day.

My mother remembers my fathers confession that he had been a good father but a lousy husband, and his promise that it would get better. It meant the world to her and not just because it turned out to be true, but also because she was a woman of faith, and living with a man of little or no faith was hard on her every day.

After that my dad and brother went almost every year for several years, and it kept getting better.

As a daughter, I was jealous that I couldn't go with them, but I understood that part of what makes Promise Keepers special is the privacy and the fellowship of men; having a message targeted at men, knowing that all the other men are not trying to impress anyone standing next to them because they all know what is really going on. I know that helps, because my father told me it helps, and he is a Promise Keeper. It has made a difference in him for the betterment of our whole family, and I cannot thank everyone involved enough for that.

I am sure this is not the testimonial you were looking for, but I thought it might be nice for the men out there to know that the women who love them, love this program too. We love the difference it makes in you, and we respect it. At least my mother and I do. So, thank you Promise Keepers, thank you for giving my daddy a place to worship with other men in fellowship. And thank you daddy, for going, and...just thank you.

I'm going to try not to cry now, because that is the affect it has had on me.

La Verne, California

FROM: PK e-newsletter for May, 2005 - Promise Keepers


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