Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Everyone made a difference!

“A volunteer is a person who believes that people can make a difference – and is willing to prove it.”

Over 800 volunteers served in 75 different positions to bless the very heart of God during the Promise Keepers Nashville mens conference August 12-13, 2005. The few photos only catch a glimpse of the unselfish service as unto the Lord.

We all can share in the blessing that over 100 men came as friends, but left as brothers Friday night –

‘“The Greatest good we can do for others is not to share our riches, but to reveal theirs.”
Author Unknown

“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, but they have the heart.”

“At an inner city soup kitchen, a young woman was serving meals to guests. It was her very first day and she was nervous and unsure of how to behave around the poor, the indigent, the homeless people she had never seen before. Coming from a middle class neighbourhood, she felt she had nothing in common with them, that she had nothing to offer.”

“As one man was moving past her, she noticed that he had missed his bread portion. She reached out and touched his arm. The man was old, dishevelled and had his head hung low. When he turned, the young woman saw that he was crying. Concerned, she asked if she had hurt him. The man, tears in his eyes replied, “No, you are the first person who has touched me in more than two years.”
--a member of Sisters of St. Joseph, Canada

“Volunteering is fulfilling. Volunteers touch the lives of others and in the process we develop ourselves and make new friends.”
Tan Chye Hong

From the Promise Keepers web site regarding volunteers -
"Volunteering is close to the heart of God. It represents the selfless, caring, giving qualities to which Christians are called. It suggests a sense of family where a growing relationship with Christ leads to the overflow of love from which we live our lives to positively influence others with the love of God. The work can be hard and the hours are long. Many labor in obscurity, making sacrifices that only the Lord can know, but “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." (Matt. 5:5 NKJV)


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